John C. Day OAS

Sales and Commissions


A number of works are available to purchase from this website. To receive an up to date price list and details of available work please contact the artist here requesting a current sales list.

Once finished, work for sale is first disclosed through the newsletter. As sales are on a first come first served basis it is recommended you subscribe to the newsletter to receive immediate notification when the work is released. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

Paintings and drawings can be commissioned from the artist. Prices for drawing start at £200 for a 12 x 14 inch pencil portrait. Oil portrait paintings start at £1200 for a single head ad shoulders portrait approximately 12 x 16 inches in size. All prices exclude framing and shipping.


The commissioning process can take a long time to complete so it is wise to plan well in advance. Although it is possible to complete a pencil portrait in a couple of days, please consider the fact that other commissions and private work are continually being produced so it is advised you commission the portrait at least a month in advance for pencil or 3 months for oil portraits.

Oil paintings normally take at least 2 months to dry out completely and with heavy impasto the time can be up to a year or more. Consequently, to protect the oil painting the work is framed with glass by the artist. This negates the need to varnish the portrait, ordinarily essential for protecting the artwork from dirt and dust and atmospheric change and only achievable once the painting has completely dried. By glazing the oil painting the portrait can be collected or shipped as soon as the work is completed and approved.

All oil portraits are painted on stretched linen or cotton canvas. Pencil and charcoal drawings are drawn on acid free paper and both mediums can be framed by the artist if required or shipped unframed. Works on canvas are securely crated and shipped via courier or can be collected in person.

Initial consultation is can be carried out over the phone, at the sitter’s home or place of work or in the artist’s studio to discuss the project, the client’s requirements and the time frame. A deposit of 20% is paid before drawings are made and small studies for the oil portrait at the chosen location or in the artists studio. A series of photographs are used to work from when the sitter is not present.

For pencil/charcoal portraits the artist can potentially work from photographs provided by the client or photographs can be taken by the client.

Upon completion, a digital image is sent to the client for approval before the artist ships the portrait. This way minor changes can be requested to the artwork. It is important the sitter is happy with the portrait and there is no obligation to pay the outstanding fee if the client is not satisfied with the work.

Please ask questions. Most portrait artists will be glad to answer your questions before you purchase a commission and many will even look at photos in terms of use-ability.